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Doesn't do texts and tries to sell me something every time I open the app, which is extremely annoying.


Cant message, and very glichey, waste of money, deleting


This app used to be so cool but they took all the good emoticons off of it. the new ones are dumb and there's barely any there. now it is really lame. don't get this.

It's o.k.

Not as many fonts as I expected; nothing to write home about.

Complete waste of money

So disappointed in this app! I've never written a review before but this app is such a waste, I had to say something.


Very disappointed with this app. Can't scroll down to finish an email. Guess I wasted my .99 cents. Not a good app at all.

Need to FIX App

It's pretty good but it does freeze! Also if you make a mistake you can't delete some previous lines. Would like it to also save previous settings and font last used. Pain in the butt when you have to select everything from scratch.

A honest customer.

This app. I had to delete due to the app froze my mail twice. Too risky to use.

Horrible app

Not free!!!!!!

Bad app

This app said FREE, not true...I was charged for it. Not useful at all..

Email Editor

Different than the rest Better than the BEST Sound would be nice!!!

No funciona

No se puede ver lo pongo y luego luego se sale, y me lo cobraron. 0 estrellas


Okay so you can't even scroll down to see what your writing. What's up w/ that? Total not even worth a dollar. Instead go buy a song & "Color Mail" (for free). For real this app stinks.


Hey I don't get it... It says it's for texting too, but apparently ONLY EMAILING. this app is great and worth buying, but just to let you know, IT'S ONLY FOR EMAILING. please update and make it for texting too.


How do I use this as a keypad? It doesn't work in games or anywhere else!!!


Ithis app!I can't stop emailing my friends!


This app seems to be missing the one thing I need, which is a way to REPLY to emails and be able to control the font, color, etc..

Love it but...

Need updates!

Would not get this again if it were free

The free app "Color Mail" is far superior to this. This app does not allow for backspace/delete. If you make a typo, you just have to start all over. The emoticons are cute, but not worth the hassel if the rest if it.

Not a very good format.

Must scroll through all of them to find one you want and it causes my e-mail to freeze up. Have to keep removing it after I send an e-mail. Please fix this problem.

3 iPhoners

Don't waste your money. Disappointing.

Pretty good

I would like a cursor and the ability to paste text. Otherwise, it does just what it said it would.

Luv it

I luv it but it needs to scroll down as ur typing and it needs more colors like the ones shown in the circle it needs thoz instead of just five


No cursor and no scrolling.....unusable

works fine...

does what it says could have more fonts and colors but nice app no problems w/crashes


Well 1st off all I LOVE thiss app.., 2nd off all it can really makee dee conversation more ummm wats thee word ohhh yeaa MORE INTERESTING ha im soooo happy I bought thiss app lol it is waaaaaaay better than the emojin app I wasted a dollar on itt && ddnt work but thiss app is so much better && I love how I can make dee words soooooooooo FANCY lookin haha I like totally recomend thiss app tooo every onee<33

Need some work on this app

Page doesn't scroll down as u type. Smileys mixed all together big & small. If u can make folders for each kind of emoticons that will be . I can tell u one thing, if u can make more big alive emoticons, it will be awesome . I hope you are going to work more to make it better app 

Few suggestions but overall satisfied

I just purchased this app and I for the most part am very pleased with it. I'd give it more stars i these items were available or if they are fixed I'd change the rating higher. I would have to agree that it needs to scroll down as you type. Being an email app I was suprised that it doesn't support this as emails are lengthy in nature. I also agree that there should be a cursor. If you are only going to change one thing I'd have to say I'd like it to be the scrolling down as you type. Thanks for allowing users to leave feedback as I know a lot of time/effort goes into making these apps.

Not that good

It freezes!!! The first time I used it and the next time it gets annoying !!!


This app is AWSOME  I'm so glad my mom let me buy it defenitly worth .99 but they could consider on the update to let it go landscape  but I luv it 


The application does not support cut and paste, nor any type of spell check or predictive text that is available on the iPhone. If you enter text, then change any attribute such as making it bold, color different, et cetera, you can not edit any text that was entered prior to making the attribute change. I would like a refund until a more useable version is available.

Useless app

Still no updates after many many months - This app should be removed from app store. I am revisiting my review after waiting for months. It still lacks features as it used to when I bought it few months back. There has been no effort to make updates or make it usable as requested by so many people. Lacks just the basics things like cursor, auto capitalization etc. Don't waste your money. Shame on you guys, atleast support the app after selling it.


What was in my mind when I bought it???


don't get it it's not the way u think it will b trust me

Tons of bugs 

Needs a cursor n cut/copy n paste feature. Once those are added I'll give this app 5 stars!!

Don't buy

Worthless witout a cursor. Don't buy

This stinks!!!

The stupid app dosent even open!!! I've deleted the stupid thing about 100 times! DO NOT GET THIS APP!  

I can't even open the dang app!!!!!

I touch the application and then next thing I know my screens black and then I'm only homepage!!!!!! I just payed for this app U GUYS BETTER FIX IT!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooo mad!!!!!!!!! and I really want this app!!!!!

worthless :(

i totally agree with khs22, when i click on the icon, my screen goes black and then my home screen appears again! i am so dissapointed! i can't believe i actually paid for this!!! :(

Where's the cursor?

I like this app but it needs a cursor and the delete function needs some attention! Attaching photos would be nice ..... Needs some work , I get cursor you get more stars.... Come can do it!


i can't even open it!!! I click on the icon, the screen goes black, and I suddenly see my home screen!!!!! I can't use it and I PAID for it!!!!!!!!! do not get this app!!!! terrible!!!!!


Dnt get the update mine crashes

Would be ok IF

This App freezes up every time I use it. Needs to fixed. Great concept Though! Please fix bugs then it would Have five stars from me:)


I agree it needs a cursor. How about auto-correction and auto-capitialization too? Can eventually be a great app. Thanks

Nice start, needs work

Nice concept but needs work. A cursor. Autocapitalization at the beginning of a sentence. Landscape typing. The ability to save a default format.

Don't bother

Definitely not worth $0.99!! No cursor. No automatic word correcting. It's a waste of money.


First of all, good idea. But of course, it needs a curser. It only types a few lines. Or am I just not using it correctly? That question is to anyone out there. Please update. I'd like to send more than just quick notes.

Still No Cusor

Still no cusor after latest upgrade...could be great. Waiting for fix!

Oh come on!!! Needs work

There isn't: -a way to scoll down -a way to hold iPhone sideways -THERE NOT A CURSOR!

Needs Major Work...

It took me 10 minutes of trying to use this app to realize it needs work. It promises to allow the user to easily change fonts, colours, sizes for emails, but is just weak in it's delivery. NO CURSOR?! come on. and the UI is pretty bad by iPhone standards. and there's no way to close the keyboard without sending the email you're working on and even the type correction is without options. Maybe the developer should take a look at the Iconic Notes app. that apps offers all the things this app is trying to do with an easy to use interface and lots of colours (you can design your own colours), several more fonts and a much better selection of fonts and scalability with a slider. I have tried lots of apps for my iPhone and some are good, some not so good, but this is the first time I ever considered asking for my money back and it only cost a BUCK!

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